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When your lease is up and it’s time to move out of your house, apartment, condo or townhome in the Atlanta area, Top Quality Cleaning Services can come do a full clean-up so you don’t have to. We bring all the needed cleaning supplies and equipment to get the place looking its best in Sandy Springs, GA We can utilize environmentally-safe “green” products at your request.


​All Rooms



•Remove all cobwebs

•Dust baseboards

•Dust window sills and ceiling fans

•Dust blinds, shutters

•Wash Doors

•General dusting and polishing

•Vacuum carpets

•Vacuum and mop floors

•Wipe down lighting and fixtures

•Windows are cleaned from inside

•Wipe/polish cabinet doors

•Clean inside cupboards, drawers, closets and shelves



​Don’t let the landlord keep your deposit. By hiring Top Quality Cleaning Services, you’ll save money it’s more affordable to pay for our services than to lose your several hundred dollar security deposit! Selling your home? No one wants to buy a dirty house. Real estate agents and potential buyers want to see clean homes. Top Quality Cleaning Services specializes in Deep Cleaning /Move-In/Move-Out house cleanings in Sandy Springs, GA. If you want to sell or rent your home fast, have us give your home a fresh scent, cleaning it up so it’s ready for new tenants.



Top Quality Cleaning Services cleans foreclosure properties, turnkey apartments, residential and commercial properties, investment properties, and estates in Sandy Springs, GA. If it’s dirty, we clean it.

Contact us today Call Us 7 Days a Week!  1-877 554-6500





•Clean, sanitize sink and countertops

•Windows are cleaned from inside

•Clean range

•Clean inside of microwave

•Clean inside oven and refrigerator

•Clean, polish appliance exterior

•Wipe/polish cabinet doors

•Vacuum and mop floor

•Dust and Wipe down baseboards

•Clean and sanitize countertops, sinks

•Thorough dusting






•Clean, sanitize tubs, sinks and showers

•Clean, sanitize counter tops

•Clean and sanitize toilets inside/outside

•Clean mirrors

•Vacuum and mop floors

•Clean fixtures and towel bars

•Wipe down baseboards


•Shower doors in detail cleaned

•Clean and sanitize showers/bathtubs/toilets

•Wipe/polish cabinet doors

•Laundry room and appliances clean inside out



Top Quality Cleaning Services offers Move-In/Move-Out Services, as well as Touch-up cleaning to meet your particular needs and budget. You can hire us for one time cleanings, weekly, biweekly or just a special occasion cleaning. Top Quality Cleaning Services is an affordable, Honest & Reliable Cleaning Services that Focus 100% on Attention to Detail. For anyone that needs a clean home or office with Touch-up Cleaning Services prices starting in Sandy Springs, just $99


All cleaning quotes are based on the size of the house / apartment and the level of detail the house / apartment requires. This means we do not give quotes over the phone. We can sometimes give an estimate, but its best for both the client and our cleaning manager to see the house / apartment prior to cleaning it. That way we can be prepared with the right products and plenty of time to give your home the best cleaning. Our prices typically start around $99.00 for Touch-up cleaning Service and go up from there. ​Call us in Sandy Springs, GA at




​We Deep Clean - Studio apartments

 ​We Deep Clean - 1 Bedroom/1 Bathroom

 ​We Deep Clean - 1 Bedroom/1.5 Bathroom

 ​We Deep Clean - 2 Bedroom/1 Bathroom

 ​We Deep Clean - 2 Bedroom/1.5 Bathroom

 ​We Deep Clean - 2 Bedroom/2 Bathroom

 ​We Deep Clean - 3 Bedroom/1 Bathroom

 ​We Deep Clean - 3 Bedroom/1.5 Bathroom

 ​We Deep Clean - 3 Bedroom/2 Bathroom

 ​We Deep Clean - 4 Bedroom/3 Bathroom

 ​We Deep Clean - 5 Bedroom/2 Bathroom

 ​We Deep Clean - Any Size!




$99 Touch-up cleaning (When unit was already cleaned by Flawless Keeping and it becomes lightly dirty due to traffic or just sitting on the market vacant)





​Detailed Move In Move Out Cleaning Check List Sandy Springs, GA:



General Areas/Bedrooms


◾ Ceiling Fan Blades & Light Fixtures

◾ Windex All Windows

◾Dust All Blinds

◾ Vacuum Carpet

◾ Sweep & Mop Hard Surface Floors

◾ Vacuum & Clean any door thresholds & sliding door tracks

◾ Dust Air Returns

◾ Wipe Switch plates

◾Wipe Baseboards and molding

◾Remove cobwebs




◾ Remove all shelves, racks and drawers clean thoroughly

◾ Clean rubber gaskets around freezer & fridge door wiping out crumbs if any

◾ Remove and clean front grill

◾ Pull fridge out from the wall, get dust off the back if applicable, sweep and mop behind the fridge, Clean top, front, back and sides of fridge




◾ Remove all burners & knobs spray with cleaner and place in the dishwasher

◾ Replace drip pans if necessary

◾ Remove the racks and spray, clean thoroughly using metal scouring pad

◾ Lift the top of the stove, cleaning under the burners

◾ Clean the inside of the stove

◾ Pull the stove out from the wall, clean the sides of the stove and the sides of the cabinets to remove



 Any dripping that may have occurred

◾ Sweep and mop behind the stove

◾ Remove the bottom drawer and clean thoroughly

◾ Clean the range hood, clean and wash filter and light



General Kitchen

◾ Wipe Tops & Surface of Cabinets

◾ Clean Countertops

◾ Vacuum drawers and cabinet interiors if needed

◾ Sweep & Mop floor

◾ Shine Sink




◾ Clean tub & shower completely leaving no residue

◾ Clean toilet inside and out

◾ Clean sink & countertops

◾ Clean light bulbs and fixtures

◾ Clean Mirrors & Medicine Cabinet

◾ Vacuum drawers & cabinets if applicable

◾ Wipe exterior of Cabinets

◾ Clean Towel Racks & Toilet Paper Holders

◾ Sweep & Mop Floor




◾ Sweep Deck/Patio

◾ Sweep front door area & Wipe Front Door

◾ Sweep Garage if applicable


If you are in need of a deep cleaning service / Move in Move out Cleaning in Sandy Springs, GA, feel free to give Top Quality Cleaning Services a call at 1-877-554-6500. We will make sure your property is spotless, sanitized and comfortable for work and living.

Move In, Move Out, house cleaning Service, in Sandy Springs, GA

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